When we think and talk about Africa we use stereotypes such as the “dark continent“, “miserable region“ or “commodity storehouse of the world“.
The continent is judged from the viewpoint of the western development model. This has proved to be destructive worldwide.

With “The Red Couch – A Portrait of Africa“ Wackerbarth and about 12 African artists would like to open up a different perspective on the continent, investigate its forgotten sides, endow it with identity, analyse its present day and promote the utopia of far-reaching decolonisation.

They wish to shine a light on the abundance of cultural, spiritual and intellectual wealth that points to a different and more balanced relationship between peoples and between people and nature.

The “cradle of humankind” could become an example for the rest of the planet of a better and more dignified civilisation.
Africa will soon be home to a quarter of the Earth’s population - a major challenge also in view of climate change…

From January 2019 to March 2024, in at least 10 countries, 150 works will be realised (photographs, films, paintings, installations) by the artists

Touring exhibitions are planned in African metropolises and within the European former colonial powers such as
France, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany…

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